Pet Training in Orchard Park, NY

Pet Training Orchard Park, NY
Eagle Ridge recommends a variety of training opportunities for your canine companion. Classes are provided through The Family Companion and are available at several locations throughout Western New York. All classes are family oriented and we encourage all household members to attend.

The instructors stay current on the latest techniques in dog training and animal behavior by attending conferences and seminars throughout the United States and Canada. Plus, each instructor is a professional member of the Association of Pet Dog Trainers (APDT). Their staff also includes dedicated assistants who greatly add to the quality of the classes.

Industry-Standard Techniques and Practices 

The training techniques in the programs are based on positive reinforcement and help foster the bond between family and pet. Curricula for group obedience and puppy programs are both available at our location. In-home instruction is available for pre-pet counseling and private obedience lessons through The Family Companion program, as are behavior consultations with a veterinary referral.

Wondering if obedience or activity classes are right for you? Feel free to contact us about viewing one of our classes in session. For more information regarding The Family Companion programs contact our director, Marcia Ritchie at 716-592-0802 or by email. 

Phone: (716) 592-0802
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