Cat Boarding

Cat Boarding

Cat Boarding for Buffalo, NY

cat boarding Buffalo, NY
Although cats don't require frequent frolics outside for exercise and playtime, you may still need to make arrangements for your cat when you go away on business, travel for vacations, or when you host guests who are sensitive or allergic to cats. Eagle Ridge Kennel has a  suitable cat boarding option for you.  Our petite suites will keep ypu cat cozy ans confident. Your cat will spend time in our comfortable private cattery and will receive ample time and attention from our staff for petting, play time, and treats. Our team will follow your instructions for feeding, medications, and other care needs.

Cats are not allowed to mingle unless they are from the same household. Each cat will receive a generous amount of time outdoors to accommodate for exercise and activity time. 

Special Needs and Medical Boarding for Your Feline Friend

We are particularly skilled at taking care of pets with special needs, including older animals with low mobility and those with chronic health issues. We have special needs and medical boarding options and our experienced staff members are trained to recognize warning signs of potential health problems. We will contact owners and veterinarians as needed. 

The cattery is separate from our dog area, so your cat will have a quiet and relaxing stay. We provide litter boxes, feeding fishes, and bedding for your cat. Owners are always welcome to bring along their pets' own blanket or special toys to make them feel at home. Plus, all grooming, clipping, and manicures are performed by our qualified groomer. Call today to schedule your cat’s stay. 
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