Doggie Daycare for Buffalo, NY

doggie daycare Buffalo, NY
In addition to traditional boarding services, pet owners now have more options than ever since the inception of doggie daycare. Eagle Ridge was the first in the Western New York area to provide such a distinctive program of providing monitored and controlled environments for dogs to interact and play throughout the day.

Our daycare service provides an outlet for your dog’s natural instincts and energies in a safe and secure environment. As social animals, dogs want and need interaction with other dogs as well as with people on a regular basis. Dogs in our daycare program can enjoy a positive and energetic atmosphere with a variety of interaction, both from other dogs and from our caring staff. Companionship and exercise are key factors in ensuring the total well-being of your pet.

Your Dog Will Love Our Dog Kennels

Dogs integrated into playgroups have the opportunity to enhance their social skills. They learn how to play and interact with other dogs in a safe, supervised, and meaningful way. Daycare may also help minimize boredom behaviors, which often include destructive or inappropriate acts. Many of these undesirable behaviors are often due to a dog’s idleness or inadequate mental and physical stimulation. Our staff is able to provide appropriate activities and situations for the dogs in daycare, which will allow their good behaviors to be recognized, encouraged and rewarded.

Our daycare program in Orchard Park, NY allows for the dogs in our care to return to their owners happy, relaxed, and usually tired from the day’s play. Eagle Ridge offers owners peace of mind in knowing their dog is getting the exercise and stimulation that he or she needs and deserves in their absence. Bring your pet to our dog kennels for a fun day of play!
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