Play Pals

Play Pals

Play Pals Program in Orchard Park, NY

Unique to Eagle Ridge Kennels is our Play Pals Program. This program allows dogs of similar personality and exercise levels to share supervised play and activity time together. Puppies and young dogs may especially benefit from this program as it fosters healthy socialization skills.

Dogs are only able to participate in this program at our staff’s discretion and with their owner’s permission. It's also important to note that each play session is unique. Sessions are dependent on a variety of factors, such as play style and availability of compatible dogs. Dogs not participating in a doggie play group during their stay are provided with private TLC play time with our staff.

Strategic, Compatible Pet Grouping

Playgroups are not run as a large group of assorted dogs but rather as several smaller groups determined by age, size, and most importantly, your dog’s personality and play style. The size of each playgroup will vary and is dependent on what the individual dogs are comfortable with. The length of time that the dogs participate in their playgroup may also depend on the different energy levels of each dog. We have two areas for our play groups, a large fenced outdoor area, and a spacious indoor playroom.
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